What are scrubs and who is using them?

high end scrubs

Scrubs are not just gowns that you slip on through your arms and then tie loosely round your waste leaving the back of your body exposed and little to everyone else’s imagination. To all intents and purposes, these loose-fitting gowns are quite necessary and all for your own good if you happen to be a patient in for overnight surgery. Scrubs are not just garments that patients are wearing. In fact, high end scrubs are being worn by others for more than its original practical and functional purposes.

It would be quite a matter of hilarity if you happened to see all those nurses, nursing sisters, and brothers, doctors and their medical attendants and assistants, porters and cleaning staff wearing those ‘loose fitting gowns’. Just how would any of these medical people get any work done? But on the other hand, this could do something great for boosting morals and kindred spirits, gearing them all up for work.

And lifting the moods of all those frightened souls in their beds, particularly those little ones whose moms and dads can’t be around them to hold their hands. That is why these high end scrubs turn out to be quite colorful and cheery. If the nurses and the porters are not festooned with lovely floral bouquets, they will be broadcasting to the kids their favorite cartoon characters. Nothing like a good piece of distraction to ease the mind away from the traumas of physical pain and the worry over surgical outcomes.

Female medical staff, and the doctors too, are allowed to present themselves quite fashionably, if this is going to help them with their day. They too need to have that feel good factor about them. But to all intents and purposes, they will be dressed quite comfortably indeed.