One Lens Implant For A Lifetime

lifestyle lens implants arlington wa

Those folks who have been diligent and responsible enough to have been doing this may be starting to grow quite tired. Every year they have been sticking to their routine schedule of having their eyes tested. And every other year they may find themselves having to replace their current eyeglasses and lenses with a new prescription provided by their registered optometrist. But today, they can have just one lens implant done, quite literally.

It could very well last them a lifetime, but they should not leave off visiting a lifestyle lens implants arlington wa clinic for too long. Because each year they will be growing older. Needless to say, the eyes do deteriorate naturally with age, but by the time they reach old age, it may not be feasible or safe to have lens implants made. Their physical condition may be a little vulnerable to sustain the effects of laser eye therapy.

But then again, the laser eye therapy does not take long at all. If you are still of a good age, you could have this corrective measure carried out and you would never have to subject yourself to annual eye tests and eye therapy with new prescriptions to replace old glasses and worn out lenses. The laser eye therapy has been known to restore a person’s eyesight to a state it once was in at a much younger age, sometimes even giving that person 20/20 vision.

But for the older gentleman or lady it would be a case of too little too late because by that time their eyesight may have degenerated far too severely to allow a so-called lifestyle lens implant to make an iota of a difference to their current eyesight. But for you, it may be just the right time.